Wedding Vidanta / San José del cabo downtown

Rachael & Alex

Rachael & Alex

Wedding Day in Vidanta Los Cabos

We dare to say that Rachael & Alex are one of the most beautiful couples we have ever met, full of magic, goodness and purity.
We clicked immediately during our first video call! And even before they hired us, we knew we would end up working together.

Their official wedding was postponed in San Diego, CA due to pandemic issues. But the two of them chose to venture alone to Los Cabos, to get married symbolically and express all the love they have for each other. It was fascinating to work with them. They stayed in San José del Cabo area at the Hotel Vidanta, a beautiful, dreamy place. We managed to capture the love story that could be read in their eyes when they looked at each other.

Near their hotel was the Historic Center of San Jose del Cabo. A very picturesque place, full of magic, where every street we walked inspired us more and more. It was there where most part of the photo session took place. They loved all the ideas we shared with them. They are a very flexible and relaxed couple and, as photographers, we value that a lot!

At the end of the session we decided to go to San José del Cabo Estuary. A mini oasis in the middle of the desert, full of palm trees, birds and a beautiful beach. We arrived just in time for the sunset and there was a magical cabin waiting for us. With the warm colors of the sky touching the whole environment, they decided to read their love vows to each other and share that moment for eternity. They opened a bottle of Champagne with laugher and amazement at the place where everything was happening. The night came and with it one more story to tell.

Days after the wedding, they contacted us to thank us for the recommendations we had given them before on where to go in and around Los Cabos. The most beautiful thing about giving suggestions is when people trust you, and even more so, when they call you back to thank you for it. That day, we (the photography team) were celebrating at the beach, not too far from a place we recommended them, so they came over and joined us. It was an incredible evening with an amazing synergy and we even continue talking about it to this day.

Months later, they contacted us to tell us the great news: they want us to be the photographers at their official wedding in San Diego, CA. We were so thrilled to receive the invitation and now, more than clients, they are our friends!