Daniela and Mathew

Los Cabos

Daniela and Mathew were joyful and excited when they contacted me to book their engagement photoshoot. Days before, Mathew had proposed to Daniela, and they wanted to celebrate their love with a photography session they could share with their loved ones once they told them the big news.

The photo session took place in the Art Walk in San José del Cabo, the perfect place to capture their love for one another. The cobbled streets, the art galleries, and the picturesque buildings located in the downtown area offered a colorful and vibrant atmosphere that made every picture unique and special.

During the photo session, we went all over downtown, looking for the most beautiful settings. We found some perfect spots that allowed us to create gorgeous images of their love.

As the photo shoot progressed, the couple felt more comfortable in front of the camera. This made it easier to capture the essence of the relationship and get incredible pictures!

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