Engagement in Los Cabos

Sidney and Roberth

What I like the most about being a photographer, is to have the opportunity to meet couples who are truly in love and to be able to capture their feelings for one another. Sidney and Roberth are one of those couples.
On the day of their photo session we met at Monuments Beach, a place with one of the most privileged views in Cabo San Lucas. After walking for a while, right when the sun was going down and the light was spectacular, Roberth kneeled down and proposed to Sidney.
After a few seconds, Sidney happily said Yes! But even when she was silent, the glow in her eyes said it all. These two souls were ready for the next step. The excitement took over and the magic happened, giving as a result these incredible photos.
We used the rocky landscape at the beach and the majestic Arch in Los Cabos as background. We asked them to pose for the camera and we were able to capture moments that won’t ever happen again.
Without planning it, I had my first Champagne Shower. Roberth took a bottle of Champagne to celebrate, and the moment he opened it, the Champagne sprayed all over the place. It even sprayed my camera! Luckily, everything worked out well. We laughed about it and turn it into a nice memory.

I would like to thank them again for allowing me to be part of their story. I wish them all the happiness in the world.