Luxury Wedding in Cabo San Lucas

Elise & Henry

Elise & Henry

Luxury Wedding, Cabo San Lucas


Elsie and Henry’s wedding was in February, when the weather is usually windy and fresh. Hard Rock, Los Cabos has one of the most privileged views in the area. When we first met Elsie and Henry, we told them there were some dunes near the hotel and we suggested we could do the wedding photoshoot there. We knew they would like that ! We took them to the place, to show them around, and they fell in love with it.

When the wedding day arrived, we went back to the dunes to finally take their pictures in this amazing place. The bride’s dress and veil were lovely! They were flowing with the wind as if they were dancing. Usually, in order to get those kinds of effects in our pictures, we need somebody from our team to move the dress with their hands; but this time, there was no need for that! The wind was doing it itself!

For us, that was one of the best days of the month! Elsie and Henry were very happy and really enjoyed the experience. We took amazing pictures that day!