HardRock Los Cabos

Lalo & Luis

Lalo & Luis

Wedding Day in Hardrock Los Cabos


We are honored and happy to have been the photographers at Lalo and Luis’s wedding.
They are originally from Monterrey, Mexico and chose to get married at the HardRock Los Cabos Hotel.

We met them few days before their wedding to refine details and make sure everything was ready for their special day. They both were very attentive to details, had a very beautiful energy and, also, were full of adrenaline!
Their wedding day was a dream for all of those who were part of it. The guests couldn’t stop smiling and celebrating the couple’s love. The ceremony was very emotional but their first dance stole the night! We, as photographers, looked at each other while they both were dancing and agreed that it was definitely a very special moment. It was like a slow-motion scene from a movie, one that you want to last forever.

Something very beautiful was happening and manifesting itself, a dream was coming true for them and we could see and feel it.
The fireworks at the end, were a beautiful way to finish the dance.
For this and many other reasons, we love assisting to gay weddings. They are always very emotional and special for us.