Nobu Los Cabos

Kate & Tyler

Kate & Tyler

Luxury Wedding in Nobu Los Cabos

Kate & Tyler’s wedding was in one of the most beautiful and exclusive hotels in Los Cabos: The Nobu Hotel. It is located on the Pacific Ocean side, where the warm sunsets contrast with the explosive and strong ocean. The huge waves crash against the beach and the sound of the wind is very soothing. I think we fell in love with this place! And maybe Kate and Tyler did too.

Their wedding was very intimate and full of thoughtful details made with lots of love. Kate’s delicacy made her look so astonishing next to her husband, Tyler. They both couldn’t help but show their genuine love for each other. The most amazing thing was that, while standing next to them, we could only feel peace and tranquility.

The feelings we perceive behind the camera are very diverse. Most of the time we feel euphoria and adrenaline. But this time, we felt calm and relaxed. Unconsciously, we were pushed to slow down and synchronize with their energy. That was something very beautiful to feel. May love always lead all situations in life!