Photography session in Cabo

a tradition you can’t miss in your vacations.

Photography session in Cabo, a tradition you can’t miss in your vacations.

When you have an instant connection with someone you just met, you can feel it. That’s what happened to me when I met Ashley and Russell, with whom we have spontaneously created an annual tradition.

Our first photography session together was in 2019. Working with them was delightful. They are such a charming couple and their pictures were fantastic.

Since then, we’ve been doing together one or two photoshoots per year. Every time Ashley and Russell visit Cabo, I know they will book a photo session with me. In their own words “We can’t come to Cabo and not have pictures taken by you”. Their words make me feel very flattered and happy.

Ashley and Russell are the type of customers that turn into friends. It is absolutely a pleasure to see them year after year, even if it’s just for a short period of time. I love capturing their complicity with my lens.

Also, there have been times when their friends want photography sessions with me and I do both at the same time.  Those times I have felt like in a fun double date.

I have taken pictures of them in different locations, but the Solaz Hotel is one of the best ones. Ashley and Russell’s photoshoots are a clear example that no matter how many photography sessions you have, you can always get unique results. It is wonderful to document their evolution through photos.

Thank you very much for your trust in my work throughout these years!