Pregnancy in Los Cabos

Pregnancy at Thompson Hotel

People say there’s nothing like expecting your first child. For this couple, it was almost impossible to hide the happiness they were feeling while waiting for one of their greatest loves to arrive.

Hongqi and her partner were staying at the Cape Thompson Hotel and decided to have a photo session that captured her pregnancy. The session took place in two different locations: Monuments Beach and the hotel they were staying at. Both places were perfect for this beautiful photography session. 

After spending one hour with them that morning, I was able to realize how much this pregnancy means to them. On several occasions, he was talking to the baby bump of the mom-to-be, whispering loving words. And she couldn’t stop touching her own belly. We even did a visualization in which they had to imagine their baby, and their faces could only express joy.

Both were really good at following instructions. I took some photos with both of them and some others only with her. I used all the spots available, allowing for some variety in the pictures. 

And even though the stork hasn’t arrived yet, a pelican did come to us. It landed in the middle of the session and I couldn’t miss the opportunity. It became part of some of my favorite photos from this photoshoot. 

I wish them all the happiness in the world.