The Cape, Cabo San Lucas

Sophia & Charlie

Engagement in The Cape, Cabo San Lucas

We were shocked when we realized this couple was celebrating their second wedding anniversary already! They looked so young!
But we felt very privileged to be there, photographing their happiness and their authentic way of loving each other.
The shooting took place in Los Cabos, during an astonishing and unique sunset, especially created for them by Mother Nature. The synergy of the moment was very special.
Many of our clients like dressing up for the photo shoots. This couple decided to wear bathing suits instead, which allowed us to take a different kind of pictures and be more playful.
We were very happy with the results. The pictures were incredible and really captured their love for each other. That love that has been there since they met for the very first time, as they told us.

We hope more and more people dare to fall in love. Dare to love and be loved full heartedly, leaving their fears behind.