The Cape, Cabo San Lucas

Cara & Nick

Cara & Nick

Engagement in The Cape, Cabo San Lucas

They are a beautiful, young couple who got engaged in Los Cabos. We are happy we were part of this big love story.

We always recommend our clients to do their photo session during sunset because it is one of the best times of the day, the famous “Golden Hour”. In Los Cabos, we know a magical place where it is possible to make beautiful things happen.

Working with Cara and Nick was so much fun! Since the beginning, our connection with them was from outer space! And it is reflected in the pictures we took at Playa Misiones, in Cabo San Lucas. Cara’s smile and Nick’s kindness were the best! As photographers, it is easier to be creative and flow with people when they are open and easy to work with. We are very lucky to attract this kind of customers!

We went to all the possible spots close to the beach and, at the end, we thought about taking more daring pictures. Their personality allowed for it, so we decided to run through the beach, dance and climb hills. In one of those moments, we were running from one spot to another when a wave came and got everything wet. It was so much fun and the wave incident allowed for the rest of the magic, which hadn´t been fully revealed, to rise to the surface.

If you are looking for a magical place to have a photo session, we suggest you go to Playa Misiones, right across from The Cape Hotel, A Thompson Hotel.