Proposal Monumentos Beach

Los Cabos

Ryan & Ashley

Surprise proposals are always very exciting, because there are a thousand ways to do it. In this case Ryan contacted us a couple of months before that from our opinion we recommend that, so that they can have more time to plan it and have the best date and time for the proposal.

I think the key to a successful proposal is to act naturally on those days so that they don’t find out what will happen in Los Cabos.

The truth is they are very intelligent and we have a theory that they always know before they propose, well at least they intuit it.

Well before continuing and I forget to mention, Tip for men, buy a ring with the new flat boxes to be able to hide the ring more easily. We had to see that it was a surprise proposal and the man kept the giant box in his pants pocket. Men don’t do that. lol take care of those details.

Well, I will continue narrating this photo session that was very beautiful. We were camouflaged as another person on the beach, trying not to attract Brittany’s attention. And we were listening for Ryan’s signal, which was to turn to see us and shake his head lightly in readiness.

At that moment we began to get closer to get a closer capture and Ryan proposed marriage and well the rest is history. A little bit about what happened that day.