Valeria & Leo

Los Cabos


Leo and Valeria,

Leo and Valeria’s wedding was at the beginning of the year, when the weather in Cabo is perfect for your wedding day to be incredible.

In this post we will talk about the months we recommend to get married in Los Cabos, since the weather varies a little depending on the season of the year.

They chose January, a cold climate for those of us who live in Los Cabos, however if you live in cold areas and have more resistance to the cold, believe me it will be the perfect season, since you will feel it pleasant. It would be like spring for the rest of the people who live further north on the continent.

The most recommended dates to get married in Los Cabos are from October to January, when the hot season is over, and after January the north winds come in and it is very windy, it is also perfect, but you would have to take into account as a bride, no Choose a hairstyle that allows you to wear your hair down because it will mess up very quickly and also consider that the veil will do its thing in the wind.
and a very popular month in Cabo due to its good weather is May, where the windy season just ends and it starts to get warm but light.

Those months we, as photographers, recommend so that your photos are what you are looking for.