Cabo San Lucas

Shara & Leo

Engagement in Cabo San Lucas


What can I say about this incredible couple?! Everything about them and around them is magic! What motivates them, without a doubt, is their love for each other.

They got engaged at the Nobu Hotel, Los Cabos, right on the beach. Leo wrote to us weeks in advance, telling us he wanted to surprise Sarah with the ring. He planned a romantic dinner on the beach with flowers and Champagne.

On the engagement day, Sarah was looking astonishing! She was wearing a golden dress that made her look like a goddess (I think women can sense when this moment is about to happen in their lives). Sarah looked nervous and surprised when she saw the table right next to the beach.

We were hiding inside the hotel, the plan was that they were going to go for a walk on the beach and Leo was going to make a sign with his hand so we could get closer and capture the moment. After Leo made the sign, he kneeled down to ask Sarah the special question: “Would you marry me?” Right in that moment, we came on the scene and captured their beautiful love and devotion for each other.

It was very romantic to see it, and even more, to feel it. We get very emotional with surprise engagements. We adore sincere and pure love and, from our hearts, we thank you Leo and Sarah for making us part of your engagement.