Wedding DAY in Cabo San Lucas

Rebeca & Sthepen

Rebeca & Sthepen

Wedding Day, Cabo San Lucas


A day we will always remember!

Many times the couples write to us several months before their wedding to ask us some questions and to talk about all the details. But I must confess, when we finally see their wedding day in our calendar we feel nervous and excited at the same time. We never know what’s going to happen, how everything is going to flow and it is a very strong feeling of uncertainty for us. It is like being behind the curtains in a theater, right before the play is about to start, feeling how nervous your body is but still telling yourself you can do this.

I just re-read everything I wrote in the paragraph above and indeed, this is what happened to us with Rebecca and Stephen.

The bride’s friends were getting ready in the rooms, looking forward to the party but also prepared for anything that could happen that required their help.

The ceremony was at sunset, when the light is cozy and romantic. The guests and even us (the photographers) were thrilled to witness the wedding and, at the same time, feel hugged by the warm touch of the sunrays in our skin.

After the ceremony, the groom and the bride left to get ready for the reception and to practice the surprise dance they had prepared for their family and friends. We love surprises!

In their wedding, everything had a certain order and was there for a reason. Every moment in Rebecca and Stephen’s wedding was unique and unforgettable. Their special and jovial energy gives sense to everything that happened that day.

May we celebrate love and everything that makes us happy!

Thank you Rebecca and Stephen for sharing so much love